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Paris, Coach Training

A huge thank you to Erickson College France!

I had a wonderful time teaching in Paris, France over the weekend.  The students were a joy to teach, very interested and engaged.  Nice to have a group of students who are so eager to learn and grow.  Erickson College attracts amazing students to it’s courses, and Krisztina Wighardt  did the school proud!   It was wonderful to get to train Module 4 of the Art and Science of Coaching.  I always enjoy being the anchor leg for the training and getting to take part in the completion Celebrations!


“I attended coach training with Tony as the instructor, and the experience was absolutely marvelous. Tony is deeply knowledgeable of the materials and truly cares about his students’ learning experiences. He kept our group focused and on task, while respecting individual questions and learning styles. His enthusiasm and enjoyment of coaching was definitely imparted to his students. His availability during and after the course went beyond the call of duty. His mentorship during my coaching certification was superb. He is a superlative instructor and a wonderful coach. I heartily recommend him!”

Laura Poole, Archer Coaching


“Tony was one of my mentors during the process of obtaining my ICF accreditation. His feedback was very precise and supportive and after each session I was inspired to continue my development. If you need supportive and knowledgeable mentor who works under ICF code of ethics and who mastered ICF core competences Tony is right coach for you.”

Pedja Jovanovich, NLP Centar, Serbia


“Such a privilege to recommend Tony. My own coach training and personal development through Tony’s training was a pivotal point in my own journey. If you are considering coach training I highly recommend Erickson Coaching and more specifically Tony’s on-line class. This training will take you to your own powerful next level. As a coach Tony takes you where you want to go; personable, warm, and safe while challenging, direct and laser clear. Coach or trainer Tony is concise, effective, focused and simply gets great results! I’ve been powerfully equipped through Tony’s work and you will be too.”

Cyndy Lavoie, Capturing Courage


“Tony is a great trainer, he delivers high level training for Erickson College all over the world. He is dependable, highly competent and I value his services. He is a great presenter.”

Lawrence McGinnis, Executive Director, Erickson College International


“Tony’s years of experience as a coach and depth of knowledge make him an excellent coaching instructor. He is committed to his students’ success and to making class time fun and engaging. We had plenty of opportunity to practice and loads of encouragement and support. My experience as a student in his coaching course not only prepared me for launching my own coaching business, but also transformed my life in many significant areas. Taking his course is one of the best things I ever did for myself.”

Judy Oakes, Life Coach for Women


“I had the pleasure of participating in Life Coaching Certification classes. Tony was a gifted presenter with a great sense of humor. I not only learned a lot, I enjoyed the class. I would recommend the class to everyone who is thinking about Life Coaching or who wants to be a better parent.

Bill Vining,  CEO HeartBridge Learning Center

Prague, June 2012

I am really enjoying my time here in Prague, well, other than the heat!  It has been around 85 to 90 degrees (30 to 33C) every day, and my hotel has no A/C, and no fans!  Even with the windows open at night it has been hot!

Last night 6/20, I hopped a train to the city center, and went for an urban hike.  I started at the St. Charles Bridge, headed up to the Castle, and then up and over to the Petrin Hill Tower.  The tower offers amazing views in every direction!

I estimate the total walking distance was around 6 or 7 miles.   So thankful there was a nice steady breeze to keep me cool.  Prague is such an amazing city.  If you haven’t visited Prague, you should consider it a Bucket List Location!

If you look up and to the left in this picture you can see two towers, the one on the left is the Petrin Tower.  See Below!

Petrin Tower


Church Architecture

One of my favorite things to do when I travel internationally, especially in Europe is to check out old churches.  I love the history, the workmanship, and the architecture.  On my last trip to Europe, I added three amazing churches to my list.  A Rococo Church, the Weis Pilmgrimage Church built in the mid 1700’s.  A Baroque Church, on Hohenpeißenberg Hill .  A Romanisch Church in Shongau, Altenstadt – Basilica St. Michael.

Weis Church

Romanisch Church in Shongau, Germany.

Baroque Church at  Hohenpeißenberg Hill.


Prague Castle

Next Trip!

I am just about ready to head off for another Training Trip to Europe.  My last trip was a little strange.  With 9 days remaining on my trip Chloe decided to come into the world 6 weeks early.  This trip I am praying for no surprises!  I am heading to Augsburg, Germany, then on to Prague in the Czech Republic, and for the first time in 15 years I am heading to Paris.  I will be training an NLP Master Practitioner and Module 4 of the Art and Science of Coaching.

My Other Passion: Swing Dancing!

Since 1998 I have been passionately participating in the Swing Dance (Lindy Hop) community here in Seattle.  I used to travel and teach at events like the Balboa Rendezvous in San Diego, and have competed at the National level.   My wife and I met at a Swing Dance at Sonny Newman’s Dance Studio in Greenwood in 2001.


We got engaged a couple years later at the Mountaineers Club (no longer in existence):


Blog Feature on Erickson College Blog

Thought I would quickly share my a Blog Post Feature on the Erickson College International Blog, Erickson Hub.

How Being A Life Coach Can Make You Healthier!


“One benefit of being a successful coach is that it can actually enhance your healthiness and happiness. This truth can be illustrated by moving from the negative to the positive. Have you ever wondered how people who work every day with clients that are depressed, distressed, or in mourning don’t get depressed themselves? The fact of the matter is that they do sometimes get influenced by the situation and mindset of those with which they constantly deal….”