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I am very excited to finally be able to offer this material to you! At some point early in my Coaching career I faced a challenge that you have probably been faced with as well, a situation where you needed to explain, “What is Coaching?” or “What does a Coach do?” and you, like me, probably struggled to get your message across in a timely manner. As an International Coach and NLP Trainer for Erickson College International I have encountered hundreds of Coaches who have struggled with this very challenge.

The answer many people will tell you is, and Elevator Speech. The concept of an Elevator Speech has been around for many years and is quite simple. An Elevator Speech is a pre-prepared speech meant to be used in 30 seconds to 2 minutes to explain what service or product you offer. Imagine being at a conference, another attendee gets on the elevator with you and asks what it is that you do. At which point you would then have the time it takes to travel a few floors to explain to this person, what you do, or how you could be of service to them.

To make a long story short, I found, as many other successful Coaches have that most Elevator Speeches have a fairly low conversion rate to setting an appointment for a Free, or Complimentary Session. Your ideal client is standing in front of you, and you find yourself stumbling over the words and making it clear for the other person.  I was like you, I struggled to convert people I just met into a Free Session.

Turn Introductions Into Clients!

Turn Introductions Into Clients!

I knew there had to a be a solution and I set out to solve this challenge.  One idea that kept coming back to me over and over throughout the entire search was very simple: Coaches ask questions.   Dr. Marilyn Atkinson says it this way, “Questions are the Answer!”  Coaches also create experiences with the client.  These experiences are imagined in the mind/body system, and are the foundation for the client getting what they want in the world.  So I took these two most basic pieces, asking questions, and creating experiences, and went forth to create a method of attracting people into Coaching.

In this DVD I share the method that I created, refined, and implemented into my business with a 70% success rate!

Within the next two weeks my new DVD, the Elevator Strategy will be available for sale on as well!

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