How I Lost 72 Pounds for my 45th Birthday!

How I lost 72 Pounds!

17% Bodyfat!

Over the last few years I my weight has been up and down.  My all time max was a whopping 254.  My weight bounced up and down several times including drops to the low 190’s and a few trips back up into the high 220’s.  Then in June of 2015 I ran across Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet.  Around 2 weeks ago I was down to 183 pounds on the scale.  I have also gotten several DEXA scans along the way to track how my actual Fat and Lean Muscle I was losing and gaining depending on whether I was lifting weights and eating to build muscle, or if I was cutting.


In short, the BP Diet (which I like to think of as am Eating Habit, not an actual diet) is a High Fat (Must be high quality), Medium Protein, Low Carbohydrate diet. The premise is quite simple: The entire Low Fat food craze which has been at the center of even the USDA Food Guidelines for the last 30 years was based on bad science!  The human body is bi-fuel, it can either burn Carbs/Sugar or it can burn Fat.  Most Americans eat so many carbs that their body is Carb adapted.  This means very simply that you eat carbs, your blood sugar goes up, blood sugar crashed, the body fears a famine and goes into cravings.  When consuming a high fat diet, blood sugar remains constant and the body is “tricked” into thinking it is a feast time, and the body sees no need to store fat.  Counterintuitive I know!  Check the science though!

31% Body Fat!

For me this was more than just about losing weight.  I had struggled for most of my life with ADD and was even diagnosed and medicated as an adult for it.  The downside was that the medication had horrible side effects, and really very little upside.  I wanted to sharpen my mind, be more productive, increase my athletic ability, build muscle, and lose weight.  I make my living as a Life Coach, and training others to be Life Coaches, and this also drives me.  How can I stand in front of a room full of people and tell them that they can achieve what they want, and the sky is the limit and at the same time not have it in my own life.  It felt like an integrity issue.  If I am to inspire people, it can’t be just words, it needs to be fully reflected in my own life.


Beyond the “diet”, most people want to know how I did it.  The short answer, I made my goal Inevitable!

I set up the entire goal to be an integral part of my life, with support, accountability, short term action plans, long term milestones, focused on learning new skills, made different choices, I lived up to my commitments, focused on living this way through experiencing my personal values, included 100’s of people hoping that they would get inspired with me, all with the end goal of becoming more of the person I was created to be, and to fulfill the Vision for my life!


The longer answer:

The single biggest reason I made it, is simple: my wife!  Vanessa has always been my biggest supporter and when I began this journey she was all for it.  She has been there through the ups, middles, and deep lows.  When I wanted to throw in the towel, she was there and just kept loving me.  Without her, this would not have been possible.  She has always supported me pursuing my dreams!


Another big contributor who deserves serious praise is Ian Padron.  He is my Personal Trainer, and one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Health, Nutrition, and Fitness.  He also can throw down some of the hardest workouts I have ever experienced, while at the same time keeping the technical side present.  I learned more from him about weight lifting in the first 8 weeks I worked with him, that I had in the 20 years prior.  I can highly recommend him to help you with your fitness goals! Check him out at Padron Performance.


Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof Diet were a BIG part of my success.   I had pretty decent success with the “4 Hour Body”, a diet from Tim Ferriss. Over the long run it was a wonderful way of eating, but the cheat days threw me off quite often, and eating so many beans (beans are the main source of carbohydrates) gave me some gastric distress.  When I first ran across Bulletproof Coffee, it seemed to be a very off thing, butter and MCT oil in coffee!  The big thing that surprised me was the fact that the Bulletproof Diet was a high fat diet.  That was until I read about the bad science that created the Low Fat, No Fat, Fats makes your Fat Fad.  In short, Fat doesn’t make you fat, Sugar does.  You need high quality fats to be healthy.


When I started the Bulletproof diet I was fairly optimistic, but since I had run into problems with all the other diets I had tried over the years I was a little hesitant, but I jumped in and went for it!  I read the book, I watched all the Youtube Videos, I listened to a ton of past Bulletproof Podcasts all with the intent of gleaning as much information as I could.  I bought some of the products and tried the supplements.  As my knowledge grew I was able to trouble shoot my problem areas.  When I couldn’t I sought information from those with expertise.


Overall my routine is fairly straightforward, I drink Bulletproof Coffee and take my supplements in the morning, I eat a high fat, high protein, low to no carb lunch, and for dinner I eat high protein, high fat, and a small amount of carbs.  The carbs I do eat are of the Bulletproof variety and are ones that affect blood sugar very little.  Check the website for all the detailed information.


Special Thank You’s!

First off I want to thank everyone was part of the journey.  So many of my students, clients, colleagues, and friends who supported me in so many ways!  Thank you for being a part of this!

Thank you to Nick Williams who’s own fitness journey provided initial momentum and the photoshoot idea.

Thank you to Jessica Renon, owner of Fitness 2.0 in Shoreline for having and amazing facility to train at, and for the opportunity to shoot the photos!

The photos were taken by Jason Tang, Atomic 80 Photography!



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