Prague, June 2012

I am really enjoying my time here in Prague, well, other than the heat!  It has been around 85 to 90 degrees (30 to 33C) every day, and my hotel has no A/C, and no fans!  Even with the windows open at night it has been hot!

Last night 6/20, I hopped a train to the city center, and went for an urban hike.  I started at the St. Charles Bridge, headed up to the Castle, and then up and over to the Petrin Hill Tower.  The tower offers amazing views in every direction!

I estimate the total walking distance was around 6 or 7 miles.   So thankful there was a nice steady breeze to keep me cool.  Prague is such an amazing city.  If you haven’t visited Prague, you should consider it a Bucket List Location!

If you look up and to the left in this picture you can see two towers, the one on the left is the Petrin Tower.  See Below!

Petrin Tower


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