Seattle Half Marathon

In the past I have completed a couple of Sprint Triathlons, and 1/2 Marathons.  I just signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon on November 25th, 2012.  My goal is to run it in less than 1 Hour 59 Minutes and 59 Seconds!

I will be updating this post with my runs and other information.  I am doing this 1/2 Marathon for a couple of reasons.  My biggest reason is to inspire others!  One of my greatest joys in life is seeing other people get inspired and make changes in their lives based on their experience of someone or something in the world sparking something within.  I am also personally on a journey to lower by body weight to my ideal body weight.  I have been frustrated over time with getting an accurate measure of how much actual weight I lose versus muscle gained.  Measuring with Calipers seems to get a wide range of error.  Last year, and then again last month I got a Full Body DXA Body Composition Scan done at Washington Institute of Sports Medicine.  It is the most accurate method available for measuring Bone, Muscle, and Fat in your body.

My results from last month:

Fat Mass: 69.2 Pounds

Lean Mass: 134.9 Pounds

Bone Mass: 6.5 Pounds

Current Body Fat 31%.

My Ideal Body Weight if I only lose fat and gain no muscle is 189.3 Pounds with a stored Body Fat of 14%.

One of the interesting statistics that came out of the Body Composition Scan is that I hold all my Fat Stores in my belly area.  I am in the 98th Percentile for Trunk to Limb Mass Ratio.  The good news of that is that when I lose body fat it almost all comes off one place, my belly (trunk).

My most Recent Runs:

3 Mile Run. Ave Heart Rate 165 bpm, Pace 12:03 min/mil, at 226 pounds.


2 Mile Park Run.  The link takes you to Garmin with a map, elevation, and heart rate information.  🙂

2 Miles, Avg Heart Rate 161bpm, Pace 11:22 min/mil, at 224 pounds.

MY OVERALL GOAL: 14% Stored Body Fat, Body Weight of 189 Pounds, and Complete the 1/2 Marathon in under 2 Hours!

 UPDATE, 12/21/12.

It has been a few weeks now, just getting around to updating here.  I completed the Seattle Half Marathon in 2 Hours 8 Minutes and 6 Seconds.  I did not reach my goal of sub 2 Hours, but what was interesting what that I was within 17 seconds of the same time, slower, than what I ran it in 2008!  A really solid benchmark for the training methods I used.  On race day I weighed in at 197.2.  But, I am happy to report that today, I am at 189.6, and have reached my goal!!!!  I am inching closer to my Stored Body Fat goal as well.  I had my DEXA Scan and was at 22% Total Body fat, Minus 6% essential fat, that puts me at a 16% stored Body Fat at 191 pounds.

The new weight goal based on my latest DEXA scan is 172lbs!  That is the lowest weight the Trainer suggested would be healthy for me, based on the DEXA results. I need to choose a new event to focus on training for in 2013.  I have been considering a Half Ironman for several years now, maybe it is time I stepped up and got serious!

I think I caught a glimpse of myself in the beginning of this video!


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