The Subtle Art of Engagement

Welcome to my new video series on the subtle art of Engagement. Whether you are a Coach, a Leader or just want to improve your communication this series is for you. Please post your questions and ideas for future topics in the comments below.

Hello coaches and leaders Tony Husted Master Certified Coach here. And I’m really excited to be sharing this video with you today. This video is to announce the launch of a new series that I’m going to be coming out with called the Subtle Art of Engagement. And this idea has come from my traveling the world for the last 17 years training 15,000 plus coaches all over the world, including 15 different countries in person in about 35 different countries covered in the online format. And for years, I followed as much as I can as many people as many thoughts and methods and practices and techniques in the entire field of personal development, leadership and communication.

Over those years, I have realized that there is so much that we as coaches and leaders can do to engage those that we are working with, as a leader, engaging your employees should be one of your absolute top priorities. Because if you’re not, there, performance will struggle. For years and years and years, I followed the Gallup studies on employee engagements, and it always seemed lacking To me, it always seemed that something was missing in the employee engagement conversation.

I finally realized one day that the problem in my opinion is that employee engagement puts the weight it puts the responsibility on the employee themselves. And through that realization, I came to start calling the engagement, conversation, leadership engagement. And leadership engagement starts with the leader engaging the employee or follower or team member, whatever you want to call it, they engage that person in a conversation about what motivates them, what moves them, what inspires them, what do they need, how do they want to play as part of the team to create those end results that everybody is actually shooting for in the long run.

I’ve developed multiple programs, we’ve got a ICF, International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program:…. I’ve got a program on Leadership Engagement:…. I’ve got a group coaching, a team coaching program, and an advanced master coach program, lots of programs that I teach the bigger skills, coaching, leadership engagement. And at the same time, as I’ve traveled, over all of these years, mentored all of these people and when mentoring, what I’m doing is listening to real world coaching sessions. And through that journey, plus all of my self study, reading hundreds of books, taking many, many programs, investing hundreds of 1000s of dollars in my own education. I’ve also picked up hundreds of smaller techniques, tactics and methods that don’t always have room in a full blown training program. And so they often get skipped, or only a few people get to hear them.

So this series, called the subtle art of engagement is going to be putting out all of these smaller, subtle tactics, these subtle methodologies so that you can be a more effective communicator, it doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, a leader, a parent, an athletic coach, a personal trainer, a pastor, a CEO, or work in the mailroom of a large corporation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, or an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter if you own a business, or you run multiple businesses.

This series is for you, to help you hone in and really get more astute and skilled in your communication. We’re especially going to be focusing on how to communicate through asking powerful questions, and making sure that those questions don’t have what I call a subtle side effects. And the subtle side effects are those unintended consequences that we sometimes fall into, because of the types of questions that we ask. And we don’t even recognize them. Because we’ve been taught over the years, we’ve been taught a lot of methods that may not actually get the results that you’re looking for. So I invite you to come on this journey,

I’d invite you to click subscribe right down below, on this YouTube channel, so that you receive updates. Whenever I’ve launched out a new video, and the videos I’ll be trying to launch two or three of them each week as they come out. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your questions. So I’d love to get your comments and questions down below, on your thoughts, your ideas for topics, what it is that you’d like to see covered. I’ve got about 100 different topics already in the queue that I want to cover, but I’m really curious to hear from you what it is that you want from this series to make you better at the art of engaging people through conversation. I hope you have an awesome day and I look forward to hearing from you really soon. Thank you

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